Un raid Aventure 100% féminin !


Your car

What type of vehicle can we hire?

Rental vehicles are Toyota or similar brand pickups.  They all have the same power and offer the same technical climbing features. They are also all in good condition.

What compulsory equipment is included in the rental fee? 
– 1 spare wheel
– jack and jack handle
Note that the 4×4s are usually hired with protective tarpaulin on the open back.

Are the 4×4s manual or automatic?
The 4×4s are usually manual.

Do I need an international driving licence?
It is not compulsory, you can complete all formalities with your national driving licence.

When I rent the car do I need to provide a credit card for the deposit?
Yes, you must leave a VISA or CB credit card pre-authorization for the deposit.

Is the deposit debited?
No, the credit card pre-authorization will be returned to you when you return the vehicle if everything is OK.

Can we attach stickers to the 4×4?
Yes, except for in areas reserved by the event organisers  Note that the vehicles can be returned with the stickers attached at no extra cost and returned in the condition you finish the rally (the vehicle does not need to be cleaned).