Do you have any questions regarding the Trophée?
Here are our answers!

Participation and administrative formalities

How old should I be to participate?

You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driving license.

How much does it cost?

The registration costs are 17 900 € (26 300 CAD$) per team (option confort) With the discount "avant première" and choosing the option Liberté, the cost would be 14 900€ (20 860 CAD$). Learn more about registration fees.

What does the registration fee include?

Find all the information regarding registration fees on the page "Register to the rally".

How can I pre-register?

You can pre-register directly online by downloading the pre-registration document. Once you have filled the document, print it and send it along with the 800€ (1 180 CAD$) down payment (cheque, card, money transfer).
You can cancel or postpone the pre-registration in case of cancelation (terms and conditions available).

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Will I be able to face this challenge and get to the finish line?

Our rallies are accessible to all the women and do not require any specific physical training. You only need a strong motivation and to believe in yourself! You are two in this adventure and you can motivate and push each other!

I would like to participate, but I do not have a teammate. What can I do?

Many potential candidates face the same situation. Do not hesitate to use the social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to make your call! You can also contact the organization members who will be able to help you.

Should I have a special insurance?

A repatriation insurance is mandatory, contact the organization; you can also take out an optional cancelation insurance policy. The staff members will give you all the information you need.

Should I carry cash money?

Yes. You will need cash to buy water, lunches, little extras and for the gas. You will be able to change your euros or dollars in Argentina.

Do I need an international driver's license?

It is not mandatory; you will be able to make all the formalities with your regular license.


What should I do to gather the necessary budget?

If you need solutions, the Trophée Roses des Andes team can give you documents to help you find financing solutions as well as many goods that you can sell (cheichs, t-shirts, scarves, tote bags, pens, etc.).

One of the many solutions is to organize bingos, yard sales, and theme parties. You can also contact the companies around you and find sponsors.

You can also finance yourself, part of or 100% of the registration.

Accommodation and catering during the event

Where will we sleep?

You will sleep in a bivouac (private tents) during the stages of the rally and in 4 or 5 stars hotels during the other nights.

Should we bring a tent and a sleeping bag for the bivouacs?

Yes, you must bring a tent and a sleeping bag. Regarding the sleeping bag, make sure it is appropriate for cold mountain nights.

Is accommodation included in the registration fee?

Yes. Accommodation is included in the registration fee (5 nights in 4 or 5 stars hotels and 5 nights in bivouac).

Are all the meals included in the rally fee?

Breakfasts and dinners are included in the fee. Concerning the lunches, you should buy whatever you will need in Salta.

Physical and athletic preparation

Should I follow any special training before departure?

We recommend you to arrive in good shape and good health conditions.
Good energy and strong motivation will be your strongest allies in order to complete this adventure in the best conditions possible.

At what altitude are we going to drive?

We drive up progressively. Depending on the stages, the itinerary reaches an altitude between 1300 and 3700 meters above sea level, and even some mountain passes above 4900 meters.

Technical and sanitary equipment

What kind of luggage should I carry?

A backpack will be easier to carry than a trolley.

What type of clothes should we bring?

Bring comfortable clothes for during the stages, warm nightwear for in bed, light clothes, t-shirts, fleeces, wind-proof jacket, 1 pair of comfortable shoes for the rally, clothes to be kept clean for your stay in Salta.

What king of equipment is mandatory during the stages?

1 compass, 1 lighter, 1 general map of Argentina (Michelin or IGN type), 5 liters of water per person per day, 1 survival blanket, 1 approved helmet (NF or CE), adapted sunglasses or mask (quad motorbike), a tent for the marathon stage, a sleeping bag, a lamp, a mobile phone with a package working in Argentina... All compulsory equipment will be listed in the general regulations.


Can I contact the organization if I get lost?

Each vehicle is equipped with a high technology geolocation device thanks to which you will be able ton contact the organization staff at any time.

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Is there an internet connexion during the event?

We will be crossing semi desert landscapes, where there is low or no connexion. You will be able to connect to internet in Salta.

Can I use my phone during the rally?

Yes, we ask you to carry your Smartphone. Contact your phone company to make sure you have international network or buy an Argentinean SIM card.


Do I have to send a medical certificate to participate?

Medical certificate is mandatory. You must send it to Désertours at least 60 days before departure, it must be stated that both team members are in condition to participate in a rally at high altitude. The date of issue of the certificate cannot date to over three months before the start of the rally.

Is there a medical assistance?

Yes, a medical team will be present 24hours a day.

Should I bring a first aid kit?

You must bring a small first aid kit containing what seems important to you: band-aid, aspirin, antiseptic, antidiarrhoeal, etc. You will receive a list before departure.

Should I get any vaccines before departure?

No vaccines are mandatory.

General organization of the event

When will I see the itinerary?

The route will be kept secret . You will get to know it day by day when the organization team will give you the roadbook. You will cross montains, rivers… as we will plan for you a amazing route to allow you to discover the wonders of Argentina.

How many kilometres will we cover every day?

The average covered distance is around 250 km.

Is it a speed race?

No, speed is not a criterion.


What are the causes we support during this edition?

Since 2014, Désertours has supported the Equinoterapia del Azul Foundation, based in Salta. They use horses as therapeutic partners to help children who suffer from different handicaps.

We also help a boarding school in the village of San Antonio de los Cobres where 60 children live; it is their only opportunity to study in this very remote region. Most of the children can only go back home once or twice a year since they live very far away.

Since 2016 many equipment donations have been made in order to improve their living conditions.
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