A solidarity adventure

Solidarity in the chore of the Trophée Roses des Andes

The Trophée Roses des Andes supports causes that are very important for women. Through their participation in this solidarity rally in Argentina, the Roses give their support to three different associations.


Enfants du Désert has been the historical partner of Desertours, thanks to which, since 2005, the Raid 4L Trophy, the Trophée Roses des Sables and the Trophée Roses des Andes swing into action in an effective and targeted way to help the children of the countries we visit.

« Learn how to read, write and count: is a right that should be accessible to all! », the motto of the association whose president is Lætitia Chevallier, underlines their main ambition make education accessible to all the children. Apart from this central goal, housing, life conditions and health , entrent également dans son champ d’action qui vise une démarche globale en faveur des enfants.

Initiated in Morocco where results are numerous and concrete (150 children with sponsorship every year, construction of new classrooms, health centres, wells and water pumps with solar panels and financing of children surgery, etc.) The action of Enfants du désert in favour of children living in remote and underprivileged areas extends now to the region of Salta in Northern Argentina.

The Trophée Roses des Andes supports the San Antonio de los Cobres boarding school located at 3800 metres above sea level, where 60 young children live all year long. Because of the remoteness of their villages, they can only visit their families two or three times a year.

Moreover, thanks to the Enfants du désert partnership, the rally supports the local association Fundación Equinoterapia del Azul in Salta. As its name suggests, this foundation specialized in equine therapy takes care of children who suffer from a mental, physical or sensorial handicap. Thanks to the interaction with the animals, their physical and mental conditions improve significantly. Horses are real therapeutic partners for the medical team who is composed of physiotherapists, psychometrics specialists, psychologists and speech therapists who adapt each session according to the children's needs. In Salta 98 children benefit from the weekly therapeutic sessions.






The solidarity actions of the Trophée Roses des Andes include now the support to an association from Quebec.For 20 years, Breakfast Club has been distributing breakfasts in different schools around the country.

So that the children do not start studying on an empty stomach, the association offers a daily morning snack before school, thanks to the donations they collect. Today, the association offers breakfast to over 200 000 Canadian children in 1598 schools, in order to improve their potential.

The organization members of the Trophée Roses des Andes donate 1 dollar for every kilometre crossed by the participants of the rally.

"Serving students a healthy, balanced breakfast helps them develop better social skills and makes them more inclined to learn."

Isabelle Huot - PhD in nutrition