Leave towards the adventure can mean many and many different things. The adventure can gather various experiences which can meet on some aspects. In this general concept and a little bit abstract, we can wonder what really means “to leave towards the adventure”. First of all, there is “to leave”, to escape from the everyday life, to discover new places, new cultures. The adventure, it is to confront itself with the unknown, the uncomfortable one. The adventure spreads obstacles, tests but revealed courage, mutual aid and solidarity which makes us surpass ourselves. Finally, no matter what it happens, we come back grown and full with hope for the future. The Trophée Roses des Andes, it’s to leave towards the adventure in main heart of South America. After the success of the first two editions in Argentina, the Master degree of the female rallys will extend for the first time in Chile! After some steps in the area of Salta in north Argentina, the “Roses” will discover the famous desert of Atacama. Located at the bottom of the Andes cordillera, it’s known to be the sunniest place and having the less organic activities on earth. In other words, it is the most arid place of the world. To leave towards the adventure takes on its full meaning when we get into Trophée Roses des Andes ! Ready to live a dream in South America? Live with your teammate the uncommon adventure of the Trophée Roses des Andes by filling your bulletin of pre-registration. All our team is at your disposal to help you to organize your project. She will coach you to join us on the starting line. The adventure expects nothing any more but you!