Less than 30 days left before the Argentinean adventure for the 2017 Roses begins. You can feel the excitement in the air! Discover how they feel a few days before departure! “Preparations continue! Less than a month before departure we are focusing on planning the trip to Argentina.” #74 Quantum “We want to thank our sponsors and all the people around us who supported and helped us to fulfill this beautiful adventure.” #122 Team Guadeloupe Aventure “Time flies… we are almost there!” #16 Les Roses de Cachi “HUGE THANK YOU » to all the people who have helped, supported, encouraged, challenged and hugged us!” #71 Les Gazelles d’Entrelacs “We are a bit impatient to get started. Only 30 days to go!!! We are getting ready, we still have to take care of a few more details: get the stickers, the GeoTrip and the manometers.” #124 100% Gazell’Evasion