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The Trophée Roses des Andesis a rally exclusively for women and follows closely in the tradition of African rally raids. Driving a 4×4, the aim is to complete each day’s rally stage using only a roadbook, map and compass, meeting the various route check-points (CP).
Classification is based on orientation only (speed is not taken into account at all).
The Trophée involves a number of orientation stages, dune climbing, and not forgetting the traditional marathon stage (two days and one night in complete autonomy).
Support is provided by a professional team, with a mobile event HQ and resources such as support vehicles and safety helicopter which provide logistics and safety services.

Each stage ends in the evening at a bivouac camp.

To take part in this competition, all you need is a 4×4 team with a driver and co-driver, and a driving licence. Both experienced and novice drivers can take part in the Trophée Roses des Andes adventure challenge.

An adventure open to all. Our goal is to offer women the opportunity to take part in an international competition with a significant humanitarian aspect.

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The Trophée Roses des Andes allows the participants to live a unique experience, putting aside their daily life during the entire rally. Rapidly caught in action, the Roses will do everything they can to push their own boundaries and to discover unexpected abilities.

Some of the actions that await the Roses are: finding sponsors, learn how to drive the vehicle, find their way using the compass, remove the 4×4 stuck in the sand, help each other….

The Trophée Roses des Andes means “sharing”. The Roses don’t leave alone towards the unknown: they are all motivated by the same challenge and will to outdo themselves and to meet new people. The shared experience and the deeply intense moments will always remain unforgettable memories. The pride to have overcome the challenge will intensify the feeling of belonging for many years to the Roses community.

As we already do during our other rallys, the Trophée Roses des Andes fulfils a double solidarity action. On the roads of Argentina, the Roses never hesitate to help each other so that everyone can accomplish their dream. Moreover, the Trophée’s solidarity also touches the youngest thanks to the effort of the Enfants du Désert association: the donations and the support given by the Roses will finance the work of a local association focused on disabled children and horse therapy.

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Film Presentation – Trophée Roses des Andes 2018

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Organization ROSES and Eco-Responsible Solidarity action Winners Enfants du Désert FAQ

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The Trophée Roses des Andes Argentina and Trophée Roses des Sables Morocco are the only true all-female rally raids designed and organized like the famous Dakar Rally. The only difference being that speed is not of importance. With the help of the roadbook and a compass, the goal is to drive as few miles as possible by staying as close to the roadbook itinerary as possible. The roadbook was conceived by a reconnaissance team that has 30 years of experience, and is devised to show you the most sublime landscapes and interesting piloting and navigation material.

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The ambassador of the 4th edition of Trophée Roses des Andes will be Victoria Bedos. Victoria is a young and dynamic woman who is active in various fields: she is a comedian, singer and screenwriter (she contributed to successful films such as “La famille Bélier” and – more recently – “Vicky” and its soundtrack “Vicky Banjo”).

During a conversation about the Trophée Roses des Andes and their solidarity actions that coincide with the race, Victoria Bedos immediately asked us: “Do you need an ambassador?”
For Victoria, who is already a committed ambassador for the Trophée Roses des Sables, it is obvious: she is passionate about horseback riding and used to work in an equestrian centre as a hippotherapist. The work done by Fundacion del Azul echoes her vocation.
Passionate about horses and liberated by nature, Victoria wanted to become a veterinarian but chose to follow the path of her other passion: writing.

Victoria Bedos will be in Salta to see the finish of the race and will attend to one of the highlights of the Trophée: a visit to the hippotherapy centre with the children and their families as well as the award ceremony on the evening of April 25th.

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You want to live an extraordinary experience? To go off the beaten path?
You wish to test or even push your limits, guided by professionals?
You often reflect on how you could make yourself useful, support an association?
You sometimes dream of vast landscapes, of pushing the pause button of your daily life and take it to a higher level?
Then, Argentina and the Trophée Roses des Andes are made for you!
Are you thinking: will I be able to go all the way? What are the criteria to participate? Et cetera. Do not wait any longer and contact the Désertours coaches at contact@trophee-roses-des-andes.com or +33 5 59 47 47 47

 the bulletin with pre-registration

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Leave towards the adventure !

Leave towards the adventure can mean many and many different things. The adventure can gather various experiences which can meet on some aspects. In this general concept and a little bit abstract, we can wonder what really means “to leave towards the adventure”. First of all, there is “to leave”, to escape from the everyday life, to discover new places, new cultures. The adventure, it is to confront itself with the unknown, the uncomfortable one. The adventure spreads obstacles, tests but revealed courage, mutual aid and solidarity which makes us surpass ourselves. Finally, no matter what it happens, we come back grown and full with hope for the future.

The Trophée Roses des Andes, it’s to leave towards the adventure in main heart of South America. After the success of the first two editions in Argentina, the Master degree of the female rallys will extend for the first time in Chile! After some steps in the area of Salta in north Argentina, the “Roses” will discover the famous desert of Atacama. Located at the bottom of the Andes cordillera, it’s known to be the sunniest place and having the less organic activities on earth. In other words, it is the most arid place of the world.

To leave towards the adventure takes on its full meaning when we get into Trophée Roses des Andes !

Ready to live a dream in South America?

Live with your teammate the uncommon adventure of the Trophée Roses des Andes by filling your bulletin of pre-registration.

All our team is at your disposal to help you to organize your project. She will coach you to join us on the starting line.

The adventure expects nothing any more but you!

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26 minutes – 2016 edition

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Film Presentation – Trophée Roses des Andes 2018

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2019 Edition

Land of extremes, Argentina offers a wide variety of surprising landscapes. From the Atlantic coast to the Cordillera, from Ushuaia to the northern ochre territory, this country is a tribute to immensity. The Northwestern region, particularly around Salta, with its sheer mountains seemed like an obvious choice to us: the perfect location to organize a rally. The route crosses the gauchos’ pampas and the arid altiplano where the Roses will discover beautiful lakes, volcanoes, adobe villages and will drive along lamas and vicunas…


Our goal is to ensure a fulfilling experience and adventure to the participants; thus, the Trophée Roses des Andes will keep on discovering unique and spectacular routes and follow its heart.

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